9th Class Date Sheet 2025 Faisalabad Board

9th Class Date Sheet 2025 Faisalabad Board

The Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education will be announced the 9th class date sheet in the month of January/February 2025. The date of 9th class exam will be started on 19th March 2025.


The 9th class date sheet for the year 2025 will be announced by the Faisalabad Board of Education in 2025. This important document outlines the schedule of examinations for students in the 9th grade attending schools under the jurisdiction of the Faisalabad Board. It provides students with the necessary information regarding the dates, timings, and subjects of their exams.

The Importance of 9th Class Date Sheet 2025

The 9th Class Date Sheet is a crucial document that outlines the examination schedule for students appearing in the 9th grade under the Faisalabad Board. It serves as a roadmap for students, helping them plan their study routines and allocate time to different subjects accordingly. By being aware of the exam dates in advance, students can adequately prepare themselves, ensuring they cover all the necessary topics before the assessments begin.

Examination BoardBISE Faisalabad Board
ClassNinth Class Date Sheet 2025
Exam Start Date19 March 2025
Exam End Date5th April 2025
Result Expected DateAugust 2025
Passing Marks33%

Date Sheet of 9th Class 2025 Faisalabad Board

The Faisalabad Board typically releases the 9th class date sheet a few months before the commencement of the examinations. In the case of the 2025 date sheet, it is expected to be announced in the month of January. Students are advised to stay updated with the official website of the Faisalabad Board or contact their respective schools to obtain the date sheet once it is released.

How to Access the 9th Class Date Sheet 2025 Faisalabad Board

To access the 9th Class Date Sheet 2025 for the Faisalabad Board, follow these simple steps:

Visit the official website of the Faisalabad Board (www.bisefaisalabad.edu.pk).
Navigate to the “Ninth Class Date Sheets” or “Examinations” section.
Look for the 9th Class Date Sheet 2025 link.
Click on the link to download the date sheet in PDF format.
Once downloaded, you can print or save the date sheet for future reference.

Understanding the Exam Schedule

The exam schedule mentioned in the 9th Class Date Sheet is organized in a way that allows students to have a clear idea of when each exam will take place. It provides information about the date, day, and time of the examination for each subject. Additionally, the date sheet may also include important instructions or guidelines that students should follow during the exams, such as reporting time and exam duration.


In conclusion, the 9th Class Date Sheet for the Faisalabad Board plays a vital role in guiding students through their examination journey. By following the schedule and utilizing the time effectively, students can enhance their chances of achieving excellent results. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with the necessary information and insights to make the most out of the 9th Class Date Sheet for the year 2025. Good luck with your exams!

FAQs About Date Sheet 2025

Can I access the 9th class date sheet online?

Yes, the Faisalabad Board usually releases the date sheet on their official website. You can visit the board’s website and download the date sheet from the examination section.

Is the date sheet subject to change?

While rare, there might be instances where the date sheet undergoes minor changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

How can I manage my time effectively using the date sheet?

The date sheet provides you with a clear sequence of exams. Create a study schedule based on the dates mentioned in the date sheet and allocate sufficient time for each subject. This will help you manage your time effectively and ensure comprehensive preparation.

What should I do if I have a clash in exam timings?

If you encounter a clash in exam timings, immediately notify the relevant authorities at your educational institution or the Faisalabad Board.