About Us

globes786.com provides quality educational, news, and blog resources to Pakistani People. All you need to do is select the class you are studying in and you will find all the study information, news date sheet, roll number, result, study material, and news, or Blogs. All of these things are usually provided to People to get higher grades. In addition, you can ask our study specialist any questions you may have.

Over the years, printed textbooks have been used to pass exams, but today we’ve worked hard to move print study material to digital learning platforms. With this change, you can easily get the contents of your home notebook with more engagement.

Our digital notes are usually personalized to meet the needs of a specific class. Not only is our platform affordable for students to get notes, but they are also extremely easy to use when compared to books and expensive tutors.

One of the major benefits of our digital education platform is that it facilitates students’ lives with updated exam news and notice materials that are beneficial not only to students but also to teachers. Not only do these platforms work well in providing students with study materials, but they also equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to get high marks in exams.

Who We Are?

An adaptive learning platform that significantly enhances student grades with personalized notes and recent results updates. We are also trying to cover up the challenging issues of each student. Focus on learning, and maximize student engagement and student performance. Our platform helps the students to create a compassionate and sustainable future

Our expert educators help students develop their skills and at the same time provide complete notes and paper-solving techniques and tips. The best part of our platform is that you can get everything from notes to exam dates in the comfort of your own home. In addition to reducing the cost of hiring tutors, our primary goal is to make education much cheaper and more efficient.


Our primary goal is to ensure that every student, parent, teacher, and administrator has free access to the required educational information. With the help of this platform, parents and students can get better information about exam history news, and finally, students get more support from the comfort of home to get good results in exams.


Our digital education platforms provide many benefits to students and teachers by providing learning resources to support and motivate independent students. In addition, our online education platforms provide students with the opportunity to change their textbook needs with a wide range of online notice resources.